What could a plastic business card say about you and your company?

Plastic business cards are becoming increasingly popular, so what could a plastic business card say about you and your company?

Plastic business cards are becoming increasingly popular, so given that they are the first piece of branded material which is likely to be handed to a new contact, what could they say about you and your business? Read on to find out more about the advantages of plastic business cards for you and your company.

A business card shouldn’t just be used to pass on information and contact details; it should be used to give people an insight into your company. Plastic business cards are unique and eye-catching and they allow you to present a professional image to your clients. The dynamic design is a reflection of how dynamic your company is and the range of material and finishes available mean that you can tailor your plastic card to perfectly represent your company.

If you want to ensure that a client is going to retain your details then a plastic business card has several advantages over old-fashioned paper cards. A plastic card is durable, it can survive being left in a pocket or going through the washing machine and your details won’t smudge if a drink gets spilt on it. In addition, a plastic business card can’t be written on or screwed up and thrown away; this in itself may make a client think carefully about keeping your business card rather than throwing it away through habit.

If you’re concerned about the impression that a plastic business card will give to potential clients in terms of being environmental friendly then a biodegradable card may be for you. A biodegradable plastic business card gives you all of the benefits of a regular business card with the added advantage of knowing that your card will degrade in less than three and a half years once it has been introduced to the environment.

With the range of materials and finishes available you can ensure that your business card gives a professional and dynamic view of your company. So if you’re looking for a new way of ensuring that new and prospective clients get the best possible impression of your company a plastic business card could be perfect for you.

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