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Construction site ID cards

Fast and easy access for your project sites

Construction site ID cards help to keep everyone safe by making sure only authorised people enter restricted areas.

Our plastic ID cards ensure projects have an easier way to manage construction site activities. We are valued for our reliable service and your cards can be with you quickly in only 5 working days – often sooner.

Why Swype?

secure access

Secure access

Access control makes our plastic ID cards ideal for site entry passes as well as providing clearance for restricted areas, helping to keep workers safe. A single construction ID card can be tailored for multiple secure areas and pieces of equipment.

Better Hygiene

Meet safety regulations

Our ID cards are fully customisable so you can meet regulations and safety requirements. They can further mitigate risk on site with an anti-bacterial lamination option. This durable process is proven to destroy up to 99% of bacteria within 30 minutes.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure access

We make our plastic ID cards secure and reliable by using the latest in digital print technology. The identity part of the card can be personalised as both image and text and is an integral part of the base card. Additional features such as a magnetic stripe or hologram can be applied to your plastic card for increased security.


Certification cards

Our information cards offer an easy way to show details like qualifications or certifications for tools and machinery so construction sites can function more efficiently. Sites can be certain that equipment is only being operated by qualified personnel with valid certifications.

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