Access Cards For Tech Campuses
& Business Parks

Maintaining a business park or tech campus, granting access to various people needs careful management and an eye for detail. When you work with Swype, we can provide the latest RFID and NFC technologies to help you stay on top of security and access. 

Supplying businesses and organisations worldwide, we offer an extensive range of personalised printed IDs, key fobs and access cards for outer buildings, car parks and internal rooms, delivered on time, every time.

It’s Back To Business, With Swype

Because we have experience and expertise within the world of access, we’ve helped thousands of businesses manage their sites. Offering a tailored service, we can produce fully branded, multi-purpose cards that are durable and secure

From RFID and NFC cards, where your visitors and residents tap into the building, to fully branded key fobs, we’re here to get your business park or tech campus back up to speed. We can also support you with wayfinding signage and directionals around your site.

Sustainable, Cutting-Edge Print Technology

As a business, we’ve invested heavily in alternatives to non-recyclable plastic. Our commitment to sustainability has helped launch our eco-friendly range of printed cards. With recyclable and degradable options available, there’s now a real alternative to help you commit to the planet. 

Because they’re built to last, fading, wearing, and blurred imagery are a thing of the past. Your cards and printed material retain their integrity, ready to go time after time. Coupled with our contactless technology, they can

Protects Your Assets

restrict access for certain people, all at the click of a button and tap of a card

Set Safety Standards

staff, tenants and visitors gain easy, controlled access to your grounds and buildings

Improve Efficiency

we’re more than to request a sample pack, so you can see for yourself

Why Choose Swype For Your Print?

We understand the need for data protection and encryption, but also protecting your buildings and premises. And with over 25 years of experience in the production of cards and signage, we’re more than well placed to support you.

Working across the UK and Europe, we’re well-versed in delivery and logistics, with production taking as little as five working days. You can even book short-run orders online with our easy to use Portal. And we’re always happy to help should you need it.

How to Order From Swype

Whether you’re looking to order in bulk or smaller quantities, we’re here to help.
If you’re unsure of specific product options, our friendly team is just a phone call away.
You can also email your request and even use Live Chat to start your order.