Personalised Passes &
ID Cards For Hospitality

Details matter when it comes to the hospitality industry. And when you have thousands of people in one venue, access, security and safety are all critical. Having worked with local coffee shops and national restaurant chains, we provide the complete print package, whatever your needs. 

With anti-microbial finishes applied upon request, your teams and people can work safely in the knowledge that our cards are 99.9% bacteria resistant. As a supplier to the hospitality industry for nearly three decades, we work directly with you to provide the perfect print solution.

Take Your Pick, With Swype

Menu design. Digital voucher printing. NFC card production. Promotional posters with QR codes. You name it; we’ve (probably) printed it. Working with some internationally recognised brands, we’re uniquely placed to fully integrate your print with display wallets that match your loyalty cards.

With over 20 million plastic cards produced every year, our state-of-the-art facility and expert team take the pains of print away. If you’re looking for a partner that can create bespoke gift cards in bulk or short run, you’ve found one here.

Customised Print That Goes Further

Whether you’re looking to run a pop-up event for 20, a business conference for hundreds or a gig for thousands, we have a range of cards and passes built around you. Like with all of our passes, we can personalise the shape and branding at the click of a button.

We believe that quality comes as standard too. Your print needs to be durable, reusable for visitors and most importantly, on-brand. We can turn around orders in just five working days with a service that’s trusted by local and international clients alike, helping you to:

Increase Sales

by rewarding loyalty and incentivising repeat custom through personalised cards

Gain New Customers

by tying directly into any promotions and incentives on offer

Return To Normality

with our anti-microbial, bacteria resistant print and access options

Why Choose Swype For Your Print?

When you choose to work with us, we guarantee three things — quality, speed and customer service. We can work to the tightest deadlines that hospitality can throw at us. Your passes will be at your live events the next day, and we even offer a price match guarantee.

The team is on hand to help, no matter the question, whatever the deadline. Based on your budget, we can advise you on what cards will work best for your event and the opinions available to you.

How to Order

Whether you’re looking to order in bulk or smaller quantities, we’re here to help.
If you’re unsure of specific product options, our friendly team is just a phone call away.
You can also email your request and even use Live Chat to start your order.