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Printed ID Cards For
Construction & Manufacturing

Having worked with the construction and manufacturing industries for several years now, we’ve built a reputation based on quality and customer service. Your ID cards can be off the production line and onto your site in days.

The world of access, identification, and visitor recording are essential to construction and manufacturing. Knowing who’s on-site and who isn’t is a must when it comes to regulations. With RFID, NFC, and Photo ID printing available, we help you effortlessly keep track of personnel.

Securing Access To Your Site

Restricting access isn’t something we take for granted. All too often, identity cards can become distorted, lose their colouration and in the worst cases, stop working altogether. If you’re looking to make your site more secure with quality ID checks, we can help.

We can even support you with the latest Health and Safety regulations and on-site signage – just think of us as your One-Stop Print Partner. When it comes to print, site managers and procurement teams trust us across the UK

Personalised ID Cards, Built Around You

For clients looking for complete customisation, we have a range of options to suit any need. We work around your needs with signature strips, magnetic stripes, barcodes, embossing, and even individual name tags available.

Personalised ID cards on your site or plant offer a range of benefits, some of which you may not realise. They include:  


restrict or give permissions to people on your sites and working in your plant


reduce the needless admin tasks, with visitor data stored electronically 


directly link other systems to your identity one, helping to reduce costs in the long term

Why Construction Trusts Swype

When you work with us, we guarantee quality, speed of service and a friendly voice at the end of the phone. We can work to your deadlines, however tight they are. And we don’t compromise on standards. 

We also take security seriously. We’re part of the print industries leading boards and certified bodies. We understand the demands of manufacturing and construction, and as registered partners of LEGIC and MIFARE, quality and standards always come first with Swype. 

How to Place An OrdHow to Order Personalised ID Cards

Whether you’re looking to order in bulk or smaller quantities, we’re here to help.
If you’re unsure of specific product options, our friendly team is just a phone call away.
You can also email your request and even use Live Chat to start your order.