Christmas Card Products

Today it is exactly one month until Christmas Eve, are you ready for the festive period?

No! Well maybe we can help you.

We are aware of the many Christmas parties and events that take place during December. Partly due to the surge of orders we receive for items such as Event Passes, Car Parking Passes, Tickets and Promotional Print.

Here we have broken down three key products that you can include in your festive plans to ensure they run smoothly and appeal to your audience this Christmas!

Event Passes

Whether you are on a budget or there is no expense spared, our event passes are a great option all round. They are great value for money, durable, professional and versatile. You may just be looking for a simple plastic card which contains printed personalised data, such as a name or guest number. However you may wish to include a barcode or chip technology to scan in your guests, this works well for large scale events which require more security, as you are able to identify who is on the premises. All of our plastic event passes are digitally printed to the core and sealed between PVC laminate. Chip cards are made thicker due to their chip inlay.

*(Cards containing chips cannot be slotted or hole punched)

Event Passes

Gift Cards

Although gift cards are ideal for most occasions, they are most certainly in high demand during Christmas time. With a month to go you still have time to get your order in. Our Gift cards contain a number which relates to your system so every transaction can be allocated to that card. It’s as simple as that! Therefore we can produce large and small volumes of gift cards to suit your requirements. If you need any special requirements please contact a friendly member of staff to pick our brains before you make your decision. We’re happy to help!


Looking for a simple, cost effective and secure way of managing your event access?

We’ve got just the ticket.

Although we are predominately a plastic card manufacturer, we also specialise in digital print. Our printed products range from flyers, booklets and invitations to tickets, banners and large format print. Therefore if you’re on a budget or you wish to purchase a more environmentally friendly product, why not consider our paper cards and tickets.

They are also produced in house alongside our plastic cards; therefore we have full control of the order from start to finish.

You can also include printed personalised data to paper cards, so if you’re in the marketing for paper tickets, contact us today.

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