Retailer Moves to Company Cards!

Our quick turnaround of plastic cards proves a big hit with High Street Retailer.

Company Cards has just completed production of plastic cards for another well known high street Retailer. The store membership cards are all digitally printed and attached to a handy card carrier which displays the same number as the plastic card. This enables the cashier to easily record the customers contact details against the card number which can be input into the clients database at a later point.

With stores up and down the country the client has been in need of their order quickly – and we do not like to disappoint!

The first batch of 100,000 units is nearing completion, with an anticipated 200,000 units to be completed by the end of the year. The production of this type of plastic card is especially complex as it has 3 variable data options, barcode, encoded hi-co magnetic stripe and embossed number.

The customer chose Company Cards for their store membership cards due to our rapid response and quick turnaround. After the retailer was almost completely out of stock of their plastic membership cards – within 5 working days of production every UK store had a fresh stock of plastic cards.

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