A Hat Trick of Cards to Get Set for Next Season

With the re-introduction of fans hopefully back into stadiums for the 2021-22 season, it’s important to get prepared for the new season. There’s lots to sort for many football clubs across all levels in the summer. Whether that’s getting the next big transfer sorted or laying new turf down on the pitch. But one of […]

Lead Times & Artwork Policy

Swype prides itself on delivering a fast-turnaround, short run service across multiple combinations of card requirements. Our service to you is important to us, and to keep things moving on schedule to your customer, communication is everything.  We’ve put together an overview of our lead times and artwork policy to help you understand how we […]

Creating the perfect artwork for your plastic cards

Gone are the days when plastic cards were restricted for use as credit or debit cards, today they are used for countless items as loyalty cards, gift or membership cards, photo ID cards or even business cards. Whether you’re visiting a concert, getting into the office or paying for a coffee at your local shop […]

What makes a great business card?

  Even in this new digital age, the traditional business card is still as important as ever. From the CEO to the Sales rep, everyone needs one. And they’re still as valuable as ever. Whether it’s meeting a new contact in a coffee shop, handing them out at events or using them to drop off […]

tree collage - carbon capture

Carbon Capture Programme Supporting the Woodland Trust

As part of our continuing commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible and reduce our carbon footprint we have signed up to the Carbon Capture programme. This means that for every single sheet of paper used, we voluntarily pay a Carbon Capture Charge via the scheme, to the Woodland Trust. The Carbon Capture Charge […]

Studio Guides – Magnetic Stripe Tolerance

The seventh studio guide explains the details regarding our magnetic stripes and how to position your artwork taking into account the position of the magnetic stripe. As always, should you wish to stay up to date with our help guides, simply subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. By doing this you […]

Studio Guides – Holes & Slots

Our sixth artwork help guide looks at ‘Holes & Slots’. When creating artwork for your card, you will need to leave space for a hole or slot. Please refer to our information guide below for more information. As always, if you wish to stay ahead of the game and receive the help guide bi-weekly, simply […]

Help Guides – Supplying Fonts

Below you will find details of the fifth mailer in our studio guide. This information looks at supplying fonts. Should you wish to stay up to date with our help guides, simply subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the webpage. By doing this you will receive a copy of each new mailer bi […]

Studio Guides – Accepted File Formats

Below you will find details of the fourth mailer in our studio guide. This information looks at the file formats that we accept and how best to supply your card artwork. As always, should you wish to stay up to date with our help guides, simply subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the […]

Studio Guides – Card Dimensions

Below you will find details of the third mailer in our studio guide. This information looks at Card Dimensions and how best to create your card artwork. If you are not aware, we send our studio guides out via email prior to posting the information on our website. Therefore, if you want to stay ahead […]

Studio Guides – Artwork Bleed

Artwork Bleed Below you will find details of the second mailer in our studio guide. This information looks at artwork bleed and how best supply artwork. We are sending out our studio guides bi-weekly via email and posting the information on our website for you to access later on. Should you wish to get the […]

Studio Guides – Supplying Data

Supplying Data Below you will find details regarding our studio guides, our first guide is about supplying data. Since the start of 2019 we have put together a series of studio help guides, to ensure your order process runs as smoothly as possible. Over the next few months we will be sending these help guides […]

Warrington Youth Club

Warrington Youth Club Christmas Charity Appeal

We are incredibly proud to support Warrington Youth Club with their Christmas appeal. WYC has been busy collecting for underprivileged families in and around the Warrington area. We are pleased that we were able to help support them in some small way by providing them with boxes. At Christmas time is it nice to reach […]


Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Swype Reduces Its Environmental Impact Over the past last twelve months, Swype has changed the way it operates to ensure it contributes to a greener planet. Introducing new procedures to reduce waste from the production facility and the offices, as well as implementing additional recycling initiatives, have all helped to reduce the environmental impact of […]


PB for Helen at Manchester Marathon

On Sunday 8th April, Helen Davies – International Sales at Swype, competed in the Greater Manchester Marathon. The Manchester Marathon was established in 1908 until 2002, after a break of nearly ten years they brought it back in 2012 and it has run annually ever since. Each year they partner with a range of charities, […]

Christmas Card Products

Today it is exactly one month until Christmas Eve, are you ready for the festive period? No! Well maybe we can help you. We are aware of the many Christmas parties and events that take place during December. Partly due to the surge of orders we receive for items such as Event Passes, Car Parking […]

Legic Conference Review 2017

On 5th, 6th and 7th of September two members of staff attended the Legic conference, held in Switzerland. We have been a Legic partner for almost 5 years and we are proud to be part of such a prestigious organisation. Legic has 25 years’ experience and as you can image we were keen to attend […]

How to get the most out of your Business Card

The business card is a traditional means of sharing contact details, whether it is for work purposes or pleasure. However in the 21st Century, we believe our Plastic Business Cards breathe a little life into the traditional cardboard business cards! Not only are they more durable but they also look more professional. If you can […]

memership card

10 reasons why our RFID Cards are a good idea

RFID cards are among our most popular products here at Company Cards. We get a variety of enquiries daily; here are just 10 reasons why you should come to us for your RFID Cards! We use the highest quality materials. You are not restricted to one type of chip technology The technology we use is […]

Plastic card

The Power of the Plastic Card

Plastic cards can be used for a multitude of purposes and for many years they have been at the forefront of most industries. Whether it be for banking and containing monetary value, or containing personal information and membership details they are a portable and compact tool. However, with the introduction or modern technology such as […]


5 things to consider with our events passes

Events passes are the perfect solutions for maintaining good organisation and here and Company Cards our plastic event passes are second to none. We produce plastic events passes in many forms, for one off events, for long term use and for VIP events. Below we have listed 5 things to consider when looking purchasing you […]


Company Cards Attended EPS17

On the 1st & 2nd of March Leanne and Hannah, two members of our sales team, attended EPS17 ‘The Event Production Show‘. This has been our first time attending EPS and we felt the show was well organised, especially with their help in the eleventh hour, when we decided to attend. We had just less than […]


Go behind the scenes with a member of staff – Leanne’s Q&A

In this month’s newsletter we go behind the scene with one of our member of staff. This month meet Leanne, a member of the Sales and Business Development.  Job Title: Sales & Business Development At Company Cards since: 1st October 2007 What I love about my job is: No two days are the same – […]

The brilliance of our Business Cards

Handing somebody your business card is one of the first steps in an introduction. It shows that the person is confident on selling themselves and their service. It also lets the recipient know they are keen to hear from them, which is opening the door to a business relationship. The business card has evolved into […]

Metallic inks for added security

Here at Company Cards, we produce a range of PVC plastic cards suitable for a multitude or purposes. One type in particular, our RFID cards and more specifically including Legic technology. Legic technology is one of the hardest to break into and we can produce them in house, at our St Helens based factory. We […]

Brand new interface for sister site

Our online ordering service has been live for almost two years, in that time we have requested feedback on a regular basis. As we pride ourselves on offering a superb service we are always looking at ways to improve our website. Our first redevelopment saw the plastic card factory transform its user profiles into a […]

Plastic Cards

From Germany with love

Alexa works for a card accessory company in Germany. As part of her apprenticeship, she has chosen Company Cards in the UK to do her work experience. She is keen to pursue a career in business management, and has fantastic skills to bring to a role in our sector.  See how Alexa is getting on […]


Go behind the scenes with our staff – Jan’s Q&A

In this month’s newsletter we go behind the scene with one of our member of staff. This month meet Jan, a member of our Administration and Mailing Operations team.  Job Title: Administration & Mailing Operations At Company Cards since: July 2006 What I love about my job is: The day to day challenge & my […]

Company Cards have the facilities and capabilities to produce Braille plastic cards

Company Cards have the technology to produce Braille ID plastic cards enhancing its extensive plastic card portfolio. Braille is widely used by the visually impaired to read and write. Braille characters are small rectangular blocks called cells that contain tiny palpable bumps called raised dots. The number and arrangement of these dots distinguish one character […]

Fulfilment Services

Improved Fulfilment Service

ICM-3000 Card Mailer and Delivery System Company Cards can now offer more from its fulfilment service, thanks to their recent purchase of the ICM3000 Card Mailer System. Company Cards already offer a proofing and Fulfilment service. However with the use of this machine we can now offer an ‘all in one’ service, as this machine […]

New to Company Cards Key Fob Cutter

New to Company Cards – OCC110 ISO Card Cutter Company Cards have recently purchased a new Key Fob cutting machine to create more distinctive and original cut cards. We currently produce a standard 3 key fob card with 3 individual holes punched into each. This new machine has the flexibility to have new cutting tools, […]

Company Cards products

Video:Your One Stop Shop for your printing needs

Company Cards Group now offers print finishing through its new division Finishing Touch.  Along with our Plastic Card and Digital Print division we are now your One Stop Shop for all your printing needs.

Introducing Colour Edge Cards

Stand out of from the pack with these amazing coloured edge cards. Wouldn’t it be incredible if your customers or members were able to find your card first amongst their others? Now that is possible, as we can alter the white core of your cards, by coating the edge in various colours, creating a beautiful […]

Uncovered – The potential of Plastic Event Passes

When planning your event, you will almost always start organising ticketing first. Many of those who are in charge of the planning process will look into the most cost effective and convenient products available. More often than not paper tickets come to mind. However, what if I told you all the functions of a paper […]

More development – It’s all go!

The Plastic Card Factory – Account History Development. In the last couple of months we have added to our current print divisions within ‘The Company Cards Group’ and updated our automated online card ordering service. It doesn’t stop there; we plan to develop things further by adding accessories in small quantities to complement our short […]

Company Cards expands with its latest acquisition

Company Cards Ltd, the plastic card manufacturer has acquired Finishing Touch Ltd Finishing Touch Ltd was established in 1982, specialising in providing print finishing services primarily to the print industry. Their services include Spot UV Varnish, Lamination, Cutting and Creasing, Perfect binding as well as Large Format printing. Finishing Touch will be moving into a […]

Company Cards Ltd launches a new feature to its extensive plastic card portfolio: UV Ink- for enhanced security

The UV Ink is a popular feature on plastic cards such as Access Control, Event Passes, Business cards and Photo ID Cards for security reasons. The ultra violet ink is not visible to the human eye; it can only be detected when the card is placed under a UV lamp. The invisible ink can be […]

Integrate everything onto one card with our contactless LEGIC cards

Gone are the days of wasting time organising your security process. Now you can simplify everything, by incorporating Legic technology into your smartcards… Legic has produced an RFID card capable of handling authorization management for multiple applications, from access control and time / attendance management, to parking and office automation by integrating multiple uses in […]


Go behind the scenes with our staff – Hannah’s Q&A

In each issue of our Newsletter we will be introducing a member of staff in more detail to get an insight into their day to day roles. This month meet Hannah, one of our account managers. Job Title: Sales and Business Development At Company Cards since: June 2012 What I love about my job is: Working with family, […]

Company Cards opening times on Friday 16th October will be from 8am to 11:30am

Company Cards opening times on Friday 16th October  will be from 8am to 11:30am. We will still be available to take your calls and respond to emails until 11.30am or alternatively you can contact us on Monday 19th October between our usual opening hours 8-5pm. Thanks for your patience. Company Cards

We are an official mifare registered partner

We are an official MIFARE registered partner!

We are pleased to announce that we are now a proud MIFARE partner. Over the years, MIFARE has become a well-known brand for contactless cards and has a strong position in the RFID market. In addition, MIFARE products comply with the international standard ISO/IEC 14443, which it is used in more than 80% of all […]

Eco Friendly options for your Plastic Card Printing

There is now a greener option for plastic card printing. At Company Cards we offer Eco Friendly plastic cards to protect the environment. Everyone likes to think that they are helping to protect the environment for future generations and most of us try to recycle as much as possible. However, if you’re responsible for purchasing […]

Get more out of our plastic card products with our Braille feature.

Here at Company Cards we have the facility to produce personalised Braille cards. The Braille system is a method that is widely used by the visually impaired to read and write. We found that a number of organisations which require representatives to visit people within their homes were seeking to incorporate Braille on their plastic id […]

RFID Cards

Personalised LEGIC RIFD plastic cards

Company Cards is one of the UK’s leading plastic card manufacturers that is able to produce personalised RFID cards with LEGIC chips in full digital colour print. No surface printing or thermal transfer. This method of digital printing allows the plastic cards to be personalised either with a name, number, or in the case of […]

Company Cards new website

New website announcement!

We decided it was time to give our website a new look and we are now pleased to announce that our newly improved website is now live! The new website is the result of a lot of work done by our Account Management team and the Marketing team over the past 18 months. Our goal […]

Europe Expansion

Plastic Cards Expansion into Europe

It has been nearly two years now that Company Cards have successfully expanded its sales of plastic cards into Europe. As the requirement for customer loyalty is on the increase worldwide so is the demand for plastic cards. This can be in the form of customer loyalty cards, membership cards or affiliated customer loyalty programmes. […]

Get your message displayed with a plastic door hanger from Company Cards

Long gone are the days when plastic door hangers were limited to ‘Don’t Disturb’ signs found hanging on your hotel door. Now door hangers are used in all sorts of businesses and organisations, you can find them in schools to display messages such as ‘exam in progress’ or in testing areas in laboratories to say […]

Company Cards are proud to become a partner of LEGIC Identsystems AG

Our digital printing capabilities will be a great addition to the LEGIC global supplier network. During the summer of 2013, Company Cards proudly joined in partnership with LEGIC Identsystems AG. The Swiss-based company is rightly recognised as one of the leaders in the field of RFID and contactless people identification, supplying hardware, software and services for […]

Be amongst the first to have an NFC business card

Keep one step ahead of the game by impressing your clients with an NFC Plastic Business Card. We all know that your business card is an important tool when making new contacts and leaving a good impression. The simple business card has developed over recent years from traditional paper based cards to many companies now […]

Plastic Card Printing for Security Passes and Business Cards.

If you’re looking for security passes or business cards, make sure you opt for plastic card printing. With personalisation, they give a highly professional look. Planning a conference is never easy and one area that’s often overlooked is the need for security passes and business cards. Choosing to have these printed on to plastic offers […]

Plastic Membership Cards can help Boost Leisure Facilities Usage

Plastic membership cards can help increase the use of leisure facilities. With plastic ID cards, members feel they’re important yet getting value for money. Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about how they spend their hard-earned money. When it comes to paying for leisure services, they want to feel that they’re getting value for money […]

Top 4 Loyalty Cards. Why not use Plastic Loyalty Cards for your Business

Read on to find out possible uses for plastic loyalty cards for your business A huge range of companies now use plastic cards to improve and increase customer loyalty and promote their products and services. Not only this but by using these cards in your company, they can also be used as a brilliant way […]

The History of the Humble Loyalty Card

The Loyalty card has become synonymous with the UK consumer; 85% of UK households own at least one card whilst 29% of people carry five or more loyalty cards wherever they go. The Loyalty card has become synonymous with the UK consumer; 85% of UK households own at least one card whilst 29% of people […]

New Metallic Range

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of metallic coloured plastic cards now available through Company Cards. Our gold and silver metallic plastic cards have always proven a popular product, particularly for clients who like to use them to distinguish between different tiers in their membership or loyalty schemes. With the […]

Paper business cards a thing of the past?

Fed up of seeing your business cards binned? The move to plastic business cards has begun! It’s an unfortunate fact that countless amounts of paper based promotions will be binned each year/month/week/day. Picture yourself walking down the street and being handed a leaflet by an expectant sales person, what do you do? Put it in […]

Investment in New Card Machinery

Here at Company Cards we are always looking to add to our plastic card product range and increase on the services which we can offer to our clients. After an increasing number of requests to supply plastic Hotel Key Cards we have invested in a new piece of machinery which will enable us to cut […]

Plastic card uses for clubs and societies

Plastic cards have a variety of different uses. Read on to find out more about possible uses for clubs and societies. Here at Company Cards, we have a vast range of clients that all have different uses for their plastic cards. From membership cards and ID cards to discount cards and key fobs, plastic cards […]

Plastic loyalty cards – perfect for marketing at Fresher’s Week

If you are planning on marketing your company at fresher’s week this year, plastic loyalty cards are a fantastic marketing accessory. At this time of year, many students will be starting to pack up their bedrooms and frantically stock piling super noodles and tins of beans ready for the start of University in September. With […]

Plastic Cards, as and when you need them!

Bureau Service is ideal for short run plastic cards to be called off at your command. At Company Cards we work alongside you to design and create a plastic membership card which will do your company proud. It is vital for all clubs and societies that not only does your membership card re-affirm your members […]

Plastic Key Fobs – New Product

Continuing to add to our plastic card range we introduce the plastic key fob! Company Cards are now able to supply you with your own customised plastic key fobs. Manufactured from the same materials as plastic cards these miniature cards, supplied with or without the metal split rings, are available as an additional marketing tool for […]

Are you looking to place an order for plastic cards?

At Company Cards we aim to make our order process as simple as possible. Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions. Q. Does the prices of my cards change the more number of colours I have on the artwork? A. Not at all. Here at Company Cards we print all our plastic […]

Matt Laminated Plastic Cards now Available

Matt lamination of your plastic cards now available at no additional cost Here at Company Cards we are now able to produce matt laminated plastic cards. This now means that all orders have both a matt or gloss laminate option – at no extra charge!! This finish is perfect for VIP cards or plastic membership […]

Top tips for your plastic ID card printing

Plastic ID Cards are on the rise but do you need to consider when ordering your plastic ID cards. Being plastic card printers we see many types of plastic ID cards for all different types of organises both big and small. It is interesting to see the different types of data which appear on the […]

Don’t Forget Your Plastic Card Printing This Summer

If you’ve got a summer event, don’t forget your plastic card printing. From plastic membership cards to key fobs, they’re great for marketing. The summer months mean there are lots of events taking place at attractions up and down the country. If you’ve got a presence at one of these, plastic card printing is a […]

How to Make Your Plastic Loyalty Cards More Effective

With more plastic loyalty cards on the market, how can yours be more effective? Better targeting and communications can have a greater impact. More and more of people may have signed up to loyalty schemes, but how many really take advantage of the plastic loyalty cards in their wallets? By looking at your scheme in […]

Attracting Students with Plastic Membership Cards

As the new term starts, plastic membership cards are good for students. Plastic ID cards with discounts will encourage them to visit you. With the start of the new academic year just around the corner, it’s important that you start planning your marketing approach for the student population. With many of them moving into the […]

New Type of Plastic Card Available

Company Cards extend our growing range of plastic card products We are proud to launch our new range of  550 micron plastic cards. This type of card is ideal for plastic business cards and membership cards as it still fairly ridged but not as bulky as the standard 760 micron. This is a great type of plastic […]

Fargo Machine Installed

High definition surface printing of pre-made plastic cards Our latest piece of equipment has now been installed. We can now offer high definition overprinting of proximity cards. Previously we could only thermal print plastic cards, now with the new machine we can offer superb high quality printing onto contactless, and smart cards.

Retailer Moves to Company Cards!

Our quick turnaround of plastic cards proves a big hit with High Street Retailer. Company Cards has just completed production of plastic cards for another well known high street Retailer. The store membership cards are all digitally printed and attached to a handy card carrier which displays the same number as the plastic card. This […]

New product available from Company Cards

As a cost effective alternative to the traditional plastic card, our 340 laminate board cards are a perfect solution for cards only requiring a short life span. As I am sure that you know, we at Company Cards are always aiming to extend our range of quality print services that we can provide to you. […]

Could you save costs and resources with Thermal Rewritable Plastic Cards?

The world of plastic card printing has been completely revolutionised with thermal rewritable plastic cards! For years the choice regarding plastic ID cards has been between pre-printed plastic cards from digital plastic card manufacturers such as Company Cards and overprinted plastic cards using desktop plastic card printers to surface print the card. With a thermal […]

What could a plastic business card say about you and your company?

Plastic business cards are becoming increasingly popular, so what could a plastic business card say about you and your company? Plastic business cards are becoming increasingly popular, so given that they are the first piece of branded material which is likely to be handed to a new contact, what could they say about you and […]

Plastic ID Cards Can Prove Your Age

It’s easy to check someone’s age with the use of plastic ID cards; this offers considerable convenience for both retailers and consumers. With heavy fines in force for retailers who sell products to those under age, more and more are choosing to ask for proof of age. Even if you are legally allowed to buy […]

Get Set For Summer with Plastic Membership Cards

Summer is here, so have your plastic membership cards ready; plastic ID cards are great at incentivising visitors to return. Summer is the time when everyone starts visiting local attractions, from parks and museums through to theme parks and zoos. Unfortunately the season is only short and it can be hard to convince people to […]

Technology Brings Advances to Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing has been around for years. The latest technology is making it easier to print your business or plastic membership cards. Plastic cards have now become a part of everyday life and we’d be lost without them. Technology is continuing to advance, with on-going developments in plastic card printing. This enables businesses to […]

Round the Clock Production

Increased production capacity means short leadtime on plastic card orders Company Cards the leading supplier of short run plastic cards has recently moved to 24 hour production. The company now can produce 220,000 cards per week. “This new shift will allow us to offer our customers a higher quality of service and also enable us […]

Target retail customers with plastic loyalty cards

Plastic loyalty cards offer great advantages to retail. These plastic business cards provide a wealth of information on customers’ habits. Plastic loyalty cards have been around for years and customers now see them as a part of everyday life. They can be found in a range of outlets, from supermarkets and cafes to book shops […]

Company Cards Ladies Glam up for Moonlight Ball

All dressed up and somewhere to go – for a great cause. This weekend a number of our Company Cards ladies were honoured to take party in the Moonlight Ball in aid of Myeloma UK. The charity event, held at Langtree Park – home to St Helens Rugby Club, was a glamorous affair which had […]

Keep It Personal with Your Plastic Card Printing

Giving your plastic cards that personal touch makes a difference. If you need a plastic card printing how can you personalise it? The continued evolution in printing technologies means that it’s now even easier to personalise your cards. From plastic business cards through to loyalty and membership cards, adding that personal touch can mean all […]

Why Do Businesses Still Choose Plastic Business Cards?

Technology may be taking over some aspects of business but plastic business cards are still useful. How can plastic cards benefit you? Even with today’s ubiquitous digital technology, there’s still a place in the business world for plastic business cards. Whatever industry you’re in, they are an important marketing tool that can help you win […]

Tips on Creating the Perfect Plastic ID Cards

What should be included on your plastic ID cards? Follow these top tips and you’ll create functional plastic cards for your business. Businesses today require more security features than ever before. Even in the smallest of offices you need to verify your identity and have security access. In utilising personalised plastic ID cards, your employees […]

The International Etiquette of Plastic Business Cards

A 2012 survey indicated that 59% of buyers expect a salesperson to hand over a business card, confirming how important plastic business cards can be. Plastic business cards are more than just a means of introducing yourself, they’re a representation of the person you are. Your card should contain your contact information, including a direct […]

Exploiting Plastic Membership Cards to the Full

Plastic membership cards have been around for a while but new technologies have made the simple plastic card smarter than ever. Hundreds of organisations give their members plastic cards indicating their membership of, for example, libraries, social clubs, gyms or bingo halls. Supermarkets and retailers also hand out plastic membership cards to their customers in […]

The Rapid Rise of Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing has developed at a staggering rate since the first ever plastic card was introduced in 1959. Read on to find out more. When credit cards were first introduced in America, by Diners Club in 1950, the cards themselves were made of cardboard and celluloid. Nine years later American Express brought out the […]

Plastic ID Cards to Target Health Tourism

If recently proposed Government plans go ahead, the much protested introduction of plastic ID cards to the UK is not very far away. The current Government, which scrapped the previous administration’s plans to introduce plastic ID cards after protests from civil liberty groups in 2010, has now announced a scheme to restrict so-called health tourism […]

Cards may be our ace in the pack, but we also do spades more!

Company Cards are more than just your plastic card supplier, we can also provide you with high quality, cost effective print work. By now you know that Company Cards are specialists in the design and production of a full range of plastic card and related products. But did you know that we also do a […]

Plastic Cards – ICE Cards

Plastic ICE cards can be an essential tool for anyone, especially in the work place. Here at Company Cards we see the plastic card product used for a variety of purposes, from traditional plastic membership cards, to loyalty cards, plastic business cards and photo identity cards. However over the past 18 months we have seen […]

Plastic Cards – With the personal touch

Adding variable data to your plastic cards could not be easier when producing cards digitally with Company Cards. When it comes to manufacturing plastic cards, digital print technology allows for high quality personalised print jobs. What’s more, it also enables us to fulfil short run orders of just a handful of plastic cards, which can […]

Apprenticeship – Opportunity awaits

Company Cards is proud and excited to be able to offer Apprenticeship schemes to young people within the local community. At Company Cards we have now grown to the size whereby we are in a position to take on Apprentices. The past 18 months have seen considerable changes for our company and we feel that […]

Can Plastic Membership Cards Prove Who You Are?

Plastic membership cards may indicate who you are, but do they pass muster if you need to prove your name, age or address? There are a lot of situations where you are required to prove who you are such as opening a bank account, booking tickets or renting a home. There are a number of […]

Trump the Competition with Plastic Loyalty Cards

How could introducing a plastic loyalty card benefit your business? When you’re in business you should be always looking to get one step ahead of the competition, whether you do it by a special offer, discounts, better services, new products or by the growing popular method of plastic loyalty cards. The plastic loyalty card has […]

The Etiquette of Plastic Business Cards

Is there a right or a wrong way to present your plastic business cards? We explore some of the rules of etiquette. The Japanese and Chinese take a ritual approach to the exchange of business cards. They are presented face up whilst bowing and with both hands placed on either side of the card like […]

Protect and promote your business with plastic ID cards  

Plastic ID cards are used in thousands of settings including businesses, clubs and schools. Not only do they protect, they also promote. Plastic ID cards are usually issued where there is something to protect whether it be money, information, valuable data or people. The primary aim of plastic ID cards is security as they can […]

The psychology behind plastic card printing

If you are considering new plastic business cards, the psychology behind plastic card printing can make or break a design. You want your plastic business card to stand out from the crowd, it’s a mini billboard advertising what you do and where to contact you and it needs to attract attention, but not too much […]

New premier quality cards prove just the ticket for famous football club

Company Cards works along side a Premier League Football Club to produce first rate Season Ticket passes. In 2010 we were delighted to be approached by a world famous Premier League football team, for whom quality on the pitch has to be matched by everything they do off it. As they were unhappy with the […]

Novelty Card Something different which will last

Personalize something you can treasure with our long-lasting Novelty Cards. How many times do you give a Birthday card, Valentine’s day card or even a Christmas card only to be on display for a few days or a couple of weeks. Many people now recycle old cards, give them their children to take to school […]

Get your Plastic Business Cards into Shape

Plastic business cards are more than simply a few contact details. Turn your plastic cards into a real statement with custom shaped designs. Today’s consumers are more selective than ever before so you need to do so much more to stand out from the crowd. Many businesses are largely ignoring one of the key marketing […]

Enhance your plastic ID cards with RFID technology

If you’re looking for secure plastic ID cards then use RFID technology. We can produce a range of plastic cards to suit your needs. Businesses are becoming ever more security conscious and wish to ensure that only employees have access to their buildings. Plastic ID cards are a cost effective means by which to quickly […]

Scannable Plastic Membership Cards

Using barcodes on plastic membership cards helps you analyse visitor numbers. Providing them with plastic cards also reduces fraudulent use. Many visitor attractions now offer annual memberships to help encourage repeat visits, whilst providing customers with value for money. If you issue plastic membership cards, visitors are not only receiving a durable product, but you […]

ID cards roll out in London

A new way to tackle under-age, drinking due to using other peoples identity. From February 8th the new type of plastic ID card which has been describe as the answer to an ongoing problem will be launched and rolled out in London. The new type of plastic card which costs £30 will provide a convenient way […]

Plastic Loyalty Cards Are the Key to Retaining Customers

With stores having to compete ever harder to retain customers, plastic loyalty cards could help maintain loyalty and increase spending. With the current fragile economy, consumers are becoming ever more cautious as to how and where they spend their money. They tend to shop around, searching out the best deal. Therefore, it’s important that you […]

Plastic Business Cards Make a statement

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd then invest in plastic business cards. They offer better value than paper alternatives. In today’s highly competitive business environment, anything that helps your company stand out from the crowd is worth investing in. At Company Cards, we specialise in plastic business cards that enable […]

The importance of plastic cards

Plastic cards have become an essential part of business. They can help to build the brand and develop essential customer relationships. Plastic loyalty cards are a vital tool that can provide your company with a variety of important benefits. Indeed, tailor made plastic loyalty cards are proving to be increasingly popular and are now used […]

7 Tips to a successful Loyalty Programme

What makes a loyalty programme a success? Companies and organisations across the world are adopting loyalty schemes to sustain customer loyalty. We ask ourselves what makes some loyalty programmes successful while others never seem to get off the ground? If you are looking to implement a loyalty scheme this year then take some time to consider […]

Company Cards increase onsite security with the installation of a new RFID Access Control System

New Access Control modernizes onsite security. Over the past 12 months Company Cards have seen a steady increase within the number of Security and Access Control passes that we have been producing on behalf of our clients. These include plastic photo ID cards, magnetic swipe cards and RFID cards. We have also been involved in […]

Plastic Loyalty cards for a new year’s loyalty scheme

Plastic loyalty cards are a great way to start a loyalty scheme this New Year. Plastic Loyalty cards are great way of ensuring that your customers continue to choose your services over those of your rivals time and again. Due to the continued difficult economic climate, the festive season 2012 may prove to be a […]

Make plastic membership cards work for you

Plastic membership cards and plastic business cards work effectively to help brand and promote your organisation or business. Nobody wants to have a wallet full of torn and tatty cards. Plastic membership cards can be something that your customer or member feels proud to own and can help to cement their relationship with your organisation. […]

Plastic loyalty cards central to Rema Days partnership

Company Cards partner with Rema Days to promote plastic card products in Germany. Over the years here at Company Cards we have made a good name for ourselves as a reliable manufacturer of plastic cards within the UK. After great investment in new card production equipment and expansion of our premises in the North West […]

Plastic business cards for the best first impression

Improve what your clients to think about you. With plastic business cards you can create a great first impression. Plastic business cards are becoming more and more popular with companies in a variety of different industries. They are current and professional, and can offer a great first impression to your clients. As well as the […]

The History of the Gift Card

Whether you are a small or large business the gift card we provide can suit your needs; your card may simply have a price value printed on the card or security based functions programmed to work alongside a swipe system. Here at Company Cards we supply a range of plastic cards including gift voucher cards […]

Plastic Membership Cards: Why do we join social clubs?

Membership cards can help create a sense of team spirit and pride. Here at Company Cards we sell tailor-made plastic membership cards varying in colour, design, material and function. Our membership cards are designed the specific brief of your business, group or club. A membership or social club may refer to a group of people […]

Plastic card printing for your club – society.

The Plastic card printing service from Company Cards is great for clubs and societies. Plastic card printing from Company Cards allows you to create high quality plastic membership cards for your club or society. One of the many perks of being part of a club is the feeling of belonging and a great way of […]

How could plastic loyalty cards benefit your business?

With tough economic times affecting the way that people are choosing to spend their money could plastic loyalty cards benefit your business? Plastic loyalty cards are becoming increasingly popular with reports that the majority of people belong to at least one loyalty scheme and many belonging to more than one. If you are wondering whether […]

Plastic Identity Cards: Where Did They Come From?

Exploring the history of the plastic Identity card in Great Britain. Here at Company Cards we sell a large range of plastic cards tailored to meet the needs of any business; small or large. We also sell plastic ID cards and in this article we are exploring the history of the plastic ID card in […]

Plastic Gift Cards: Making Christmas Easy for Everyone

Plastic Gift Cards are ideal for shoppers and retailers alike – read on to find out why. It’s the same every Christmas; there is always one family member or friend who is difficult to buy for: you spend inordinate amounts of time hunting for the perfect gift which will either be returned to the store […]

Plastic business cards: the indispensable just got better!

Business cards are ubiquitous but there always room for improvement – Company Cards discuss plastic business cards. Every business needs them and every professional carries a handful with them at all times – company business cards! Regardless of the type of business or organisation that you are involved in, you will have a need for […]

Company Cards Offer Braille Services

Plastic ID cards can incorporate extra benefits such as Braille for the blind and partially sighted – Company Cards takes a look at how they can help. Since investing in the technology to offer a Braille option with our plastic cards several years ago, here at Company Cards we have seen more and more organisations […]

Company Cards team aim higher!

Big congratulations to our Company Cards sales team members who recently completed various NVQ qualifications in Customer Service. The 12 month course which was attended by 3 members of our Sales Team was quite intense with written projects, exams and ‘on the job’ assessments. They are already putting into practice the new skills which they […]

Plastic Card Challenge.

Open your wallet and see the potential offered by plastic cards with Company Cards. In our increasingly affluent world, it seems that everything is disposable, doesn’t it? Less than a century ago, a popular phrase was “make do and mend” and it is a common complaint that the modern world and the ease with which […]

Plastic Loyalty Cards: Keep Customers Coming Back

The popularity of Plastic Loyalty Cards is soaring; as Company Cards knows all too well, businesses need to retain their customers. With the doom and gloom of the Recession constantly filling the news, it is understandable that UK businesses would look to defend what they already have by taking action to protect their brand and […]

Give incentive with Plastic Gym Membership Cards

The new year brings an increase of new gym memberships. There are many ways plastic membership cards can help incentivise them to keep returning. Health and fitness club membership has continued to increase despite the recession. However, this doesn’t mean that you should become complacent and you should continue to find ways to retain members. […]

Have you heard about our Digital Print Service?

Our extensive portfolio covers a whole range of short-run fast turnaround digital printing requirements for business, social events or personal use. Did you know that Company Cards are more than just a plastic cards supplier, we can also offer you fast turnaround and competitive pricing on digital print? Here at 6 Colour Digital, a subsidiary of […]

Calling All Football Fans!

Bid to Win a Manchester Utd football shirt and help Children in Need. We wanted to raise money for Children in Need, but we’re not much good at baking cakes or sponsored walks and you wouldn’t want to see us in fancy dress! So we had to think of another way to keep Pudsey smiling. […]

New Facilities Increase Production Capacity

New website, site expansion and plans to target Europe… The past 6 months have seen great changes here at Company Cards, first with the launch of our new company branding fronted by our fantastic new website. Secondly, the expansion of our head office in St Helens and thirdly our exciting plans to export into Europe. Our […]

Company Cards help to kick off the new Football Season

As the new Football season commences Company Cards are happy to announce that we have just completed all the renewal Season Ticket & Membership Cards for a Premier League Football club. This is the 2nd year that Company Cards have worked along side the club to manufacture, and fulfil the proximity card season tickets. The […]

IFSEC 2011

Company Cards to exhibit range of Access Control cards at IFSEC 2011, Birmingham NEC. If you are responsible for the security of your organisation or interested in the latest developments in the world of security solutions then IFSEC 2011 is an event which you can not afford to miss. The 4 day event is to […]

Retail Business Technology Expo

Company Cards are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting our plastic card range at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2011 which is to be held mid March in Londons Earls Court. Retail Business Technology Expo is a brand new exhibition that is dedicated to technology solutions for the retail and hospitality industries. It […]

Major Extension for Head Office Site

Major extension planned to enable increased production capacity and development of new plastic card products. Here at Company Cards we are very excited to announce that plans are now in place to extend our site here at Worsley Brow. After many months of endless meetings with architects and the Planning Permission officers work is scheduled to […]

NEC – Incentive and Promotional Marketing

Company Cards would like to invite you to visit …. INCENTIVES & PROMOTIONAL MARKETING LIVE! 21-22 SEPTEMBER 2010 – BIRMINGHAM NEC PRINT FOR BUSINESS LIVE! 21-22 SEPTEMBER 2010 – BIRMINGHAM NEC Company Cards are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting our latest plastic card products at the Incentive and Promotional Marketing event in Birmingham […]

Magnetic Stripe and The Plastic Card – A Revolutionary Combination

Magnetic stripes have become an essential part of plastic card printing. Here we take a look at just how the magnetic stripe came about. Several decades ago, back in 1960, an IBM engineer by the name of Forest Parry set upon the task of combining a magnetic strip which at the time was a popular […]

5 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft

With identity theft on the rise Company Cards look at how we are prevent falling victim of this terrible crime. Identity theft is very much a ‘new age’ crime, with people’s personal details now becoming currency for many organised crime gangs. One of the main reasons for this boom in identity theft is solely down […]

The Trade Only National Show 2010

Company Cards are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the Trade Only National show in Coventry later this month. The show will be taking place on the 27th & 28th January at the Ricoh Arena and visitors can now pre-register on line at This will be Company Cards first exhibition with the […]

Company Cards, as seen on The Apprentice

Plastic Cards from Company Cards appear in the BBC 1 show – The Apprentice For those of you hooked on the BBC1 hit show ‘The Apprentice’ with Sir Alan Sugar, would have last night seen Company Cards’ products in action! In the episode the contestants had to advertise the privileges of the ‘Amsair Private Air […]

Serve Up the Best with Plastic Membership Cards

Using plastic membership cards for a restaurant can be an ideal in attracting customers. Use these plastic cards to offer a range of benefits. However impressive your restaurant may be, it can sometimes be hard to keep the customers coming back. Weekends might be busy, but you’ve still got to keep the tables full mid-week […]