Go behind the scenes with our staff – Hannah’s Q&A


In each issue of our Newsletter we will be introducing a member of staff in more detail to get an insight into their day to day roles.

This month meet Hannah, one of our account managers.

Job Title: Sales and Business DevelopmentHannah Q&A

At Company Cards since: June 2012

What I love about my job is:
Working with family, my Dad, Mum and Sister.
We all get on really well!

My typical day consists of:
Multitasking 🙂
Sales and account management

When I get to work the first thing I do is:
Find out which jobs left us the night before and then make myself a hot drink

The key items on my desk are: Orange highlighter and Tipex mouse! I colour code my job bags in orange so that I can spot them more easily in production, there’s a lot of jobs down there! I don’t like to have crossings out on my job bags either, so Tipex comes in handy to make sure everything is neat and can be easily understood by production staff.

If I won the lottery I would:
Go travelling around the world. I would stay in fancy hotels instead of hostels and I would fly first class everywhere!

I won’t leave the house without:
My phone (sad I know)

What makes a good film for me is:
A really good villain

I can’t live without:
A hair brush

My favourite season is:

Guilty pleasure:
Blasting loud music in my car and singing my heart out when I’m on my own. I don’t feel guilty about it though because I am an awesome singer!

My favourite food is:
Thai food / BBQ in the summer

My favourite drink is:
Gin & tonic on a Friday

A funny fact about myself:
My party piece – doing impressions.

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