Go behind the scenes with our staff – Jan’s Q&A


In this month’s newsletter we go behind the scene with one of our member of staff.

This month meet Jan, a member of our Administration and Mailing Operations team.

 Job Title: Administration & Mailing OperationsQ&A

At Company Cards since: July 2006

What I love about my job is: The day to day challenge & my colleagues

My typical day consists of: Answering the phone & admin

When I get to work the first thing I do is: I check my emails & put the kettle on

The key items on my desk are: My glasses!

If I won the lottery I would: Retire in the sunshine

I won’t leave the house without: My phone

What makes a good film for me is: Gerard Butler

I can’t live without: My family

My favourite season is: Autumn

Guilty pleasure: Alone time

My favourite food is: Carrot cake

My favourite drink is: Rose wine

A funny fact about myself:  Many years ago I worked in a clothes shop and was told to put 5p onto the new sun hats I was very confused and asked “Won’t people steal the 5 pences?”

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