Go behind the scenes with a member of staff – Leanne’s Q&A


In this month’s newsletter we go behind the scene with one of our member of staff.

This month meet Leanne, a member of the Sales and Business Development.

 Job Title: Sales & Business DevelopmentLeanne Macklin

At Company Cards since: 1st October 2007

What I love about my job is: No two days are the same – we are certainly kept on our toes and everyday throws up new exciting challenges.

My typical day consists of: Account managing, processing job sheets, checking artwork sheets, liaising with customers, internal departments and suppliers. Basically multitasking to the max!

When I get to work the first thing I do is: Thank Jan for making me a much needed coffee.

The key items on my desk are: My Diary, my blue pen (Must be blue) and job bags.

If I won the lottery I would: I would travel around the world and treat my friends and family to something special.

I won’t leave the house without: My ‘Mary Poppins’ handbag.

What makes a good film for me is: Laughing or crying a lot.

I can’t live without: Moisturiser.

My favourite season is: Winter.

Guilty pleasure: I love action films!

My favourite food is: Anything Italian.

My favourite drink is: A well made Mojito.

A funny fact about myself:  For some reason I decided to put my whole head into my Thomas The Tank Engine bean bag as a child and got those little white polystyrene balls stuck up my nose – this resulted in a trip to the hospital which thrilled my mum to bits :o)

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