Give incentive with Plastic Gym Membership Cards

The new year brings an increase of new gym memberships. There are many ways plastic membership cards can help incentivise them to keep returning.

Health and fitness club membership has continued to increase despite the recession. However, this doesn’t mean that you should become complacent and you should continue to find ways to retain members. Plastic membership cards can be used for so much more than simply checking a customer’s identity when they enter. When you issue plastic loyalty cards to members you potentially have the capabilities to keep a check on them.

Become Part of the Club

Even though consumers want to keep fit and healthy, if there is a need for them to cut back on their monthly budget their gym membership could be one of the first things to go. You need to make them feel welcome and part of a wider community. Issuing them all with the same plastic cards gives them access to this. You are more likely to retain members if they feel that they are getting value for money and providing benefits through their plastic membership cards could be the solution. By showing the card your customers could be offered discounts off other goods and services within the gym, including a cafe or sportswear outlet. However, you could also work with the wider business community to offer joint discounts and incentives for other stores, such as hairdressers or beauticians.

Keep Them Coming Back

Providing customers with plastic membership cards will also help you keep track of their gym usage. Taking up a regular gym membership is a big commitment. However, after the initial enthusiasm many members can reduce their use of the facilities and if they feel it’s not worthwhile they may cancel their membership. By collecting data through their plastic cards you can keep an eye on how often they’re attending and try to target those who appear to be reducing their usage of the facilities. Consider attracting them with incentives such as free gifts for regular usage or if they reach a certain goal. Catching members before they become disheartened with the gym is a great way of retaining them.

There are so many ways in which plastic membership cards can provide benefits to gym owners. At Company Cards we offer a range of solutions, so please feel free to browse through our products to find the most suitable one for you.

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