How to get the most out of your Business Card

The business card is a traditional means of sharing contact details, whether it is for work purposes or pleasure.

However in the 21st Century, we believe our Plastic Business Cards breathe a little life into the traditional cardboard business cards!

Not only are they more durable but they also look more professional. If you can image just how many hands your card may be passed to, the more durable the card the further it is likely to travel. It’s almost a powerful as word of mouth or a good recommendation. If your plastic business card still looks as crisp and clean as the first day it was exchanged with somebody, you can rest assured the last recipient will be just as impressed.

Why stop there, why not add a special feature to enhance the design? Maybe your business deals in design or you’re a creative individual and want to portray this through the appearance of your card. We have an assortment of additional features to choose from, such as foiling, holograms, spot UV varnish and UV Ink.

Another bonus to our plastic business cards is that we print to the core of the card which is then sealed between PVC laminate. This ensures that the artwork is also safely protected by another layer.

You may even want to consider our frosted plastic cards. Their unique and smart finish is perfect for creating a talking point. Therefore, if you attend many networking events your card is sure to stand out among the rest.

Here at company cards, where plastic cards are concerned the world really is your oyster. Therefore should you want to know more or are interested in seeing some samples, contact us today on

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