Company Cards Ltd launches a new feature to its extensive plastic card portfolio: UV Ink- for enhanced security

The UV Ink is a popular feature on plastic cards such as Access Control, Event Passes, Business cards and Photo ID Cards for security reasons.

The ultra violet ink is not visible to the human eye; it can only be detected when the card is placed under a UV lamp.

The invisible ink can be applied to the plastic core of the card in the form of text, logo, password or code.

A plastic card with UV Ink is very difficult to recreate, due to the specialist ink and without access to appropriate industrial printing machines. In addition, somebody who tries to replicate the card might not know that the UV Ink is there and in consequence fraudulent cards could be easily spotted as they would be missing this security feature.

Some of the benefits:

If you would like more information about our UV Ink cards please get in touch on 01744 815475 to discuss your requirements Event passes requirements.

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