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Protecting our clients IP, assets, and personnel is something we take seriously. If you’re a security conscious business looking for quality access control options, we’d love to help. As an industry leader in the production of access control cards, your business is in safe hands. 

With a range of options available, including magnetic strip or contactless technology, we can produce tailored access control cards that help you quickly identify and monitor people leaving your premises, with a quality finish and durability guaranteed.

What is an Access Control Card?

An access control card acts as a key alongside an access control system, granting or restricting access where required. In most cases, access control cards are the size of a credit/card and contain a company logo with further customisation also available.

They continue to be one of the most popular security cards. The term “access control card” is used across various products, including RFID cardsNFC cards and Plastic ID Cards. They can also feature barcodes and holograms for extra  

What are the benefits of Access Control Cards & Systems? 

As good as a lock and key are, it doesn’t provide the same security levels as an access control system. The data that is encrypted into each card makes it incredibly difficult to duplicate. You can deactivate them if lost/stolen, and they’re easy to store.  

They can be used for hospitals and public buildings, car parks, libraries and even access to equipment and computers, particularly if you’re looking for an option that offers:


Acting as a safeguard for your data, people and work premises


Enhancing user experiences with seamless visitor entry


Linking your internal systems together to reduce costs

Why choose Swype?

As a Registered Partner of LEGIC, quality comes as standard when it comes to access cards. Through our state-of-the-art machinery and production plant, we produce quality, full-colour cards to specific requirements.  

Our focus is to provide you with the ultimate photo ID product. Your designs printed on the core of the card, resulting in a superior finish and longevity. We can also customise your cards, right down to names, job titles and employee reference numbers.

How to order
customised access cards?

Like with any order, you can either contact our team direct or request a quote with just a few details. We’re on hand to offer any guidance and support, including advice on what cards will work best for your business, including our contactless RFID cards.

Once again placed my annual order of 15,000 cards.

I’m very happy, the price was very competitive plus the customer service and prompt delivery has been fantastic”.

Tracy Cullen, The Alnwick Garden