Calling All Football Fans!

Bid to Win a Manchester Utd football shirt and help Children in Need.

We wanted to raise money for Children in Need, but we’re not much good at baking cakes or sponsored walks and you wouldn’t want to see us in fancy dress! So we had to think of another way to keep Pudsey smiling.

Company Cards has a Manchester United T-shirt signed by the season’s full first team. We like having it around the office, but we’ve decided to put it to better use.

By offering you the chance to win the shirt at an online auction, we support Children in Need without having to wax a single member of staff. And you get the chance to win a signed Manchester United Football T-Shirt whilst making a real difference to the lives of children across the UK. Pudsey would approve!

E-mail your bids, along with all your contact details to before Monday 5 December. Be sure to check our website daily to see if yours is the winning bid. (If it isn’t, just bid again. Slightly higher this time.)

‘But wait!’ we hear you say. ‘We don’t like Man U! We’re St Helens Town all the way!’ Well, you can still take part. If you win, give the shirt to your gran as a nighty – and make sure to tell all the Man U fans you know. (We don’t know if Pudsey would approve, but eh. It’s for charity.)

You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference. Thank you for supporting Children in Need. Happy bidding!


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