Brand new interface for sister site

Our online ordering service has been live for almost two years, in that time we have requested feedback on a regular basis. As we pride ourselves on offering a superb service we are always looking at ways to improve our website.

Our first redevelopment saw the plastic card factory transform its user profiles into a hub for them to create accounts. With our latest development we have introduced a new interface for designing cards and also the ability to set up templates for returning customers, offering an online bureau service.

The new design interface offers more fonts, backgrounds, a range of templates and the ability to drag and drop images, text and move them around freely. We took on board our customers thoughts regarding the restricted design template which was previously in place; therefore we are confident the new interface will be much more versatile.

We launched the new platform on Friday 7th of October and have since seen a variety of new and returning customers taking full advantage of the new interface and account system. As always we would love to receive constant feedback on what we are offering, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

In the meantime there is a complimentary 10% discount on Plastic Card Factory order with this voucher code: NPTPCF16

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