Plastic card printing for your club – society.

The Plastic card printing service from Company Cards is great for clubs and societies.

Plastic card printing from Company Cards allows you to create high quality plastic membership cards for your club or society. One of the many perks of being part of a club is the feeling of belonging and a great way of doing this for larger organisations is too issue easily recognisable membership cards. Modern Plastic card printing allows you to create innovative memberships cards that feature great designs, high quality printing and also durability. Durability is an important feature, if you require your members to present the card in order to gain access to facilities or events as the cards will have to be stored in a wallet, purse or similar item.

Utilising plastic card printing services to create stand out membership cards for existing societies is a great way to generate or renew interest. With the stresses of modern life many people sign up to associations or clubs and then quickly lose interest. Issuing plastic cards to be placed in purses / wallets or plastic key fobs can be a great way to integrate a subtle reminder of your organisation into the everyday lives of your members. Here at Company Cards, we provide plastic card printing at competitive prices, while retaining very high standards of both quality and service. We utilise the latest techniques and technology to ensure that your plastic cards are the best that they can be.

Company Cards have over 15 years of experience in high quality plastic card printing and are fully ISO 90001, 14001 and 27001 certified, making Company Cards the perfect choice for high quality plastic cards, such as loyalty cards, access cards and plastic business cards. Due to our extensive investment in the latest equipment, we can also offer custom-shaped cards. Custom-shaped business cards are a great way to make a lasting impression and selecting plastic cards over other materials means that not only will your card stand out, it will last longer.

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