Plastic Membership Cards: Why do we join social clubs?

Membership cards can help create a sense of team spirit and pride.

Here at Company Cards we sell tailor-made plastic membership cards varying in colour, design, material and function. Our membership cards are designed the specific brief of your business, group or club. A membership or social club may refer to a group of people or a place where they may meet and often this revolves around an interest, occupation or activity, for example canoeing, fishing, running, yoga, crafts and so on. At Company Cards we are exploring in this article why people join clubs, groups and societies as well as the benefit behind supplying your members with a plastic membership card.
In today’s society, joining groups, clubs and societies is very popular. Everyone wants to belong to something and we are all a member of one group or another, some of us may be a member of many groups / clubs. Some memberships may be involuntary (through family) and some may be attended very rarely.
Some of the main reasons people choose to join social groups include a sense of belonging; greater feelings of inclusion within groups result in higher levels of esteem. For younger people social clubs, sports groups etc. are a great way to extend your CV and increase chances of a position at university or in work. Another benefit from joining a group would be the opportunity to improve your social life, spending regular time with friends and like-minded people learning something new or doing what you love.
We have learnt a great deal about the benefit of providing members with plastic membership cards. Membership cards can help create a sense of team spirit and pride. Membership cards can also form a kind of miniature billboard of the business or club which members then store in their wallet and may at times share contact details with friends or colleagues thus marketing the business further.
The membership card can be beneficial to the owner/ leader of the group mentioned above, but it could also be a useful tool for the members – contact details may serve useful if the member needs extra information (for example dates, cost, location etc.); it could also be useful to both parties where important dates or a calendar are listed i.e. club times at Christmas/ Easter holidays, membership renewal and so on.
Depending on the size and function of the club the card is designed for, different advantages can be achieved for the business/ company designed to retain current customers as well as attract new ones. Membership cards which offer discounts, privileges or incentives can contribute towards this.
Here at Company Cards we can tailor our plastic membership cards to meet your requirements, producing both an attractive and highly functional tool for your business or social group.

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