Plastic Card Printing for Security Passes and Business Cards.

If you’re looking for security passes or business cards, make sure you opt for plastic card printing. With personalisation, they give a highly professional look.

Planning a conference is never easy and one area that’s often overlooked is the need for security passes and business cards. Choosing to have these printed on to plastic offers considerable benefits for your event and the overall company brand.

Security Passes

Security passes are a necessary element of any conference, but you shouldn’t just opt for what you’ve had previously. Over the past few years there have been great advances in the area of plastic card printing, meaning that there are now more choices available. You don’t just have to settle on the same standard size and shape of card, as a plastic security pass can be cut into bespoke shapes. Choose something that showcases the theme of the conference or that fits with the industry you operate in. Whatever you decide on, a bespoke shape will undoubtedly become a talking point throughout the conference.

The main purpose of a security pass is to allow the right people into the venue or restrict access around the conference. With plastic card printing services you can incorporate a wide range of security features into your passes. They can use invisible ink, which is only visible under UV light, as well as holograms, magnetic stripes or barcodes. All the plastic cards can be easily personalised, including names, dates and venue as well as photos of delegates.

Business Cards

When you’re organising a conference, you shouldn’t forget about your need to network throughout the event. You’ll meet a wide range of people and having plastic business cards will provide a professional image. Instead of having to search around for a pen and paper when someone asks for your details, you simply need to hand them one of your cards. As with the security passes, business cards can be personalised and cut into different shapes. This makes them easily recognisable and means potential customers are more likely to remember you and your business.

When you next come to plan a conference, don’t forget about the range of plastic card printing options that are available to you.

Company Cards can assist you with a wide range of plastic card printing services including plastic security passes and plastic business cards. Whatever type of plastic cards you’re looking for, speak with one of our experienced advisors for a bespoke quote to match your requirements.

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