wallet filled with membership cards

Open Your Wallet Plastic Card Challenge.

Open your wallet and see the potential offered by plastic cards with Swype.

In our increasingly affluent world, it seems that everything is disposable, doesn’t it? Less than a century ago, a popular phrase was “make do and mend” and it is a common complaint that the modern world and the ease with which new replacements can be obtained for almost any product or service seem to have created a single use, throw-away attitude.

Ironically, given the part that the impact of plastic manufacturing has had on this culture, here at Swype we would like to draw your attention to a remarkable phenomenon – people do not throw away plastic cards. 

There seems to be something about a plastic card that instils a feeling of value in the mind of the person who holds it. Whether it’s the resemblance to a credit card or the feel of a quality material, all our experience seems to suggest that people of palpable more reluctant to dispose of a plastic card. After a cursory glance a person will generally discard a paper voucher, leaflet or brochure; on the other hand plastic alternatives don’t seem to find their way into the bin. With this realisation, the opportunity is brought clearly into focus – a plastic card acts as an ‘advert in a wallet’; a regular reminder of available products and services from a trusted source.

We challenge you to take the plastic card challenge! Open your wallet or purse and count how many plastic cards you are carrying around with you each day. Credit cards, reward cards, library cards, identity cards and plastic loyalty cards, they are all there!

On average people carry around 7 plastic cards every day and many admit to having many more, retained at home, for ready access.

Armed with this information a growing number of businesses and associations are waking up the potential improvement in advertising reach and penetration – using the plastic card in a number of hitherto unexplored avenues. From plastic business cards to contact cards or plastic promotional cards; from loyalty cards to club IDs, not only do our plastic card solutions have a greater chance of been retained by the client, they also reflect your quality business profile, making a greater impression and maximising the chances of future, repeat engagement with your goods and services.

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