Paper business cards a thing of the past?

Fed up of seeing your business cards binned? The move to plastic business cards has begun!

It’s an unfortunate fact that countless amounts of paper based promotions will be binned each year/month/week/day. Picture yourself walking down the street and being handed a leaflet by an expectant sales person, what do you do? Put it in your bag and read it later with a brew? This seems somewhat unlikely. In reality we all have the tendency to drop, bin, and dispose of such paper based advertisements as soon as they are handed to us without even giving them a first glance. Put a stop to this today by purchasing Plastic Business Cards.

Don’t let your important business cards be amongst the pile of unwanted paper in the bins! Your business cards are fundamental to promoting what is most important to you and can open so many doors. It is not just simply a card, it is an opportunity; an opportunity to stand out from your competitors!

By choosing a plastic business card from Company Cards today, you are handing your potential customers a card which will most certainly help seal the all-important deal between business and customer! Outshine your competitors with one of our flashy, sleek and professional designs of plastic cards today! We are all enticed and drawn in by things that look good. So why choose an underwhelming, flimsy piece of paper over a durable, long lasting, shiny plastic business card?

Here at Company Cards we have plastic cards to suit all designs, businesses and individuals. Whether you want to sell your business as a professional, sleek company, or a loud and vibrant company, we will deliver the plastic cards ideal to your business.
There are many advantages to plastic business cards as opposed to traditional paper based business cards. For instance, they’re much more durable and long-lasting! When faced with a plastic card, customers will be much more reluctant to fling these in the bin. They cannot easily be messed up and ripped up, they are much longer lasting so are bound to leave a longer lasting impression of your company.

Plastic Business Cards say a lot about your company, they are a symbol that you put time and effort into everything you do and pleasing the customer is important to you. They also show that you take pride in your company and want to make it look the best! So ultimately, plastic cards sell! If all this wasn’t enough, plastic cards are also environmentally friendly. One may think plastic is not the answer to paper being wasted in the form of paper business cards, but, here at Company Cards, we value the importance of the environment when creating our cards. That is why we have new biodegradable plastic cards which are tough and high quality but harmlessly break down when they dispose. It seems our plastic business cards tick all the boxes!

To see what else our plastic cards have to offer, please see our website and start promoting your business with our custom made plastic cards now!

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