Introducing Colour Edge Cards

Stand out of from the pack with these amazing coloured edge cards. Wouldn’t it be incredible if your customers or members were able to find your card first amongst their others?

Now that is possible, as we can alter the white core of your cards, by coating the edge in various colours, creating a beautiful finish.

This unique and eye catching new feature will not only get people talking, but also unifies all the layers in the card adding an extra security protection.

They come in a great range of colours from bright colours such as yellow, orange, red and green to shiny metallic tones like Silver and Gold.

These coloured edge cards can also be produced in different thicknesses and types of plastic.

Some of the uses for this feature:

  • Membership cards
  • Business Cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Contactless cards


To find out more about the Coloured Edge Cards please contact our friendly Sales Team on 01744 815475 to discuss your requirements today.