Get your Plastic Business Cards into Shape

Plastic business cards are more than simply a few contact details. Turn your plastic cards into a real statement with custom shaped designs.

Today’s consumers are more selective than ever before so you need to do so much more to stand out from the crowd. Many businesses are largely ignoring one of the key marketing tools – the business card. They presume that it is simply a way of leaving contact details with a potential client, but it can be used to really push a business.

Be Unique and Innovative

Business cards have come a long way since the traditional card versions, with plastic business cards now in widespread use. They can be produced in the traditional shape and size, but here at Company Cards we can also create something rather more bespoke.

Our custom shaped cards will really help your business stand out from the competition. When you hand one to a new customer it creates an instant talking point, enabling you to spend longer with them. It is also a good recall vessel, as they are far more likely to remember you as the person with the unusually shaped card. This may also create further business enquiries if they show it to colleagues and contacts because of its unique design.

Create a Personality

Using a custom shape for your plastic business cards will help to present the real image of your company. There is no point having a boring or lifeless business card if you’re trying to sell a fun and youthful brand. By creating something bespoke you are not restricted to simply choosing the colours, materials and textures. This way you really can create a statement piece that conveys the right first impression.

What Designs Can You Have?

You are limited only by your imagination and the brief that you provide us. The only real rule is that you should keep within the confines of a traditional business card. This will mean that it can be easily stored by the recipient. It is generally advisable to create a simple shape that doesn’t have lots of thin sections. Consider how the card will be stored and any areas that might break or bend. Since you are using plastic business cards, they will have far greater durability than paper.

With custom shaped cards, whether business cards or plastic loyalty cards, the world really is your oyster. If you have a great idea for a card or are simply looking for some inspiration, then why not call one of our team who will be happy to help.

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