Plastic business cards: the indispensable just got better!

Business cards are ubiquitous but there always room for improvement – Company Cards discuss plastic business cards.

Every business needs them and every professional carries a handful with them at all times – company business cards!

Regardless of the type of business or organisation that you are involved in, you will have a need for a business card. Take a moment to think about what your business card says about your company? Usually this is the first piece of branded material which you hand over to a new contact, does it give them the impression that you want it to?

Plastic business cards are becoming more and more popular. The quality of material and resemblance to a plastic credit card gives the card a sense of value. At Company Cards we supply a number of plastic business cards options in various weights and finishes – from a full colour standard glossy plastic card to a silk-finish frosted plastic business card. With a plastic card, you can guarantee durability and quality.

Naturally at Company Cards we have been using plastic for our own business cards since the company began and the feedback we receive when presenting our plastic business cards is always positive.

Over the years we have incorporated other features on to our business cards including an annual calendar printed on the reverse, a list of products and services which we provide and a profile photograph. Recently we all really embarrassed ourselves by having one of our own baby photographs printed on our cards (glad we don’t do that anymore)! Although some of these ideas are a little quirky, they invariably prompt a reaction when you hand them over. This is invaluable for occasions such as trade fairs when your new contacts will meet new people and exchange business cards with many times during the day.

Our plastic business cards can also be produced with a Braille option, QR code which links to your company website or can even be cut to a bespoke shape.

Browse our website today to find the right solution for you and get in touch to discuss our fantastic offers.

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